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Runescape Mining Guide

Intro to mining

Mining is an important skill. It allows you to get metal ores from rocks. Thought mining by itself isn't very useful, it is the base for the smithing and runecrafting skills. Mining is also very important to the crafting skill.

Mining guild

The mining guild is located in Falador. You need 60 mining to enter it. The guild is very simply -- it contains 5 mithril rocks and around 25 coal rocks.

Mining Tips

When mining, it is usually best to use a pattern to move from one rock to another. Though it is repeative, a good pattern allows you to get ores much faster then a random path. However, you may not want to try a pattern in the mining guild.

When runecrafting, just click once on the rock. It will continue to mine until your inventory is full.

Watch out for random events. You have to pay attention to the game when you are mining most of the time.

Runescape won't stop you from trying to mine a rock that requires a higher level then you are at. You won't ever get any ore from it, so don't waste your time.

The dwarven stout increases your mining and smithing levels by one. This may be useful to enter the mining guild a little early.


There are 6 types of pickaxes: bronze, iron, streel, mithril, adamant, and rune. These require different mining levels to be used. They can be bought in the pickaxe store in the Dwarven Mines.

PickaxeLevel Required

Ores and Requirements

Note: Clay, silver, and gold are used in crafting. Rune essence is used in runecrafting. All other ores are used in smithing.

OreLevel Required
Rune Essence1

Essence is used in runecrafting. You must complete the Rune Mysteries quest before you can runecraft. The best place on free is the Rune Shop in Varrock. If you have access to the Wizard's Guild, mine essence there.

Copper and Tin
Copper and Tin are used to make bronze. Southeast of Varrock is a good place to mine them. Mine equal amounts of each if you are near both types of ore.

I doubt you will have to mine clay often. When you do, however, you can find it in the crafting guild and southwest of Varrock.

Many mining areas have iron. A good place is south of Falador. You can also mine it in the Scorpion Pit near Al Kharid or in the mining area near Ardougne.

Silver can be easily mined in the crafting guild. It can also be mined in the mine north of Al Kharid and the mine south of Falador.

Coal is the single most important ore. It is used when making steel, mith, addy, and rune. Good places to mine coal on free include the swamp mines, barbarian's village, and the mining guild.

Gold can be mined in the crafting guild, as well as the mine north of Al Kharid and the mine south of Falador.

Mith can be mined in the swamp mines and the scorpion pit mines. The best place to mine it, though, is the mining guild.

Addy can only be mined in a few places. The scorpion pit and swamp mines both have an addy rock. Usually it is not crowded, however, it can take a while to get a full load of addy.

On free, rune ore can only be mined in high level wilderness. On members, you can mine rune in the Hero's Guild.

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