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The Flying Kirby Pub

The Flying Kirby Pub started as a community that came together from several others. Currently, we aim to provide entertainment with updates of various content at least once a week.

What type of content, you ask? Well, no one really knows what's coming week to week. There's only one certainty: It's from our community, or another community close to FKP.

Weekly Content

May 30th, 2007

Nothing right now. Watch this space for updates in about a week.

There is also an archive of Previous Updates.

FKP News

May 30th, 2007: Webmaster Musings (AK108)

Managing a website is a big job, especially when trying to coordinate with many people. It only gets worse during school time, and sometimes it just can't be done. However, that should be behind us now that the new version of the site editor is in place and people are willing to help again. We'll see what the future brings. Watch this spot, or visit the forums.
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FKP Site Information

FKP Community Events

Here's a list of current events that take place at FKP. The list will be updated from time to time, so check back for the latest events.

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