The Flying Kirby Pub

The History of the FKP

A Modest History- as told by RedizHot

Chapter 1- The Humble Beginnings
One day, on the GameFAQs Advance Wars board, a man by the name of Kirby58 created a topic entitled, "The Flying Kirby Pub." It was a simple topic, as you earned points for posts, and used these points to build imaginary structures in the Pub. The Pub consisted of two main areas, The Chilling Zone and the Clubhouse. The Chilling Zone was the happening place to be, with all sorts of food and COs hanging out (sadly, in recent years, it has lost it's popularity) while points were earned to build cool things for the clubhouse, like computers a pool, and it was a very successful topic (as a side note, all three of the current admins were not active in this topic, however, Zero and ) and items got bigger, and so did plans.

One day however, a moderator by the name of Death Jester happened to stop in the forums and noticed this "Flying Kirby Pub." "A Kirby topic in an Advance Wars board, this is intolerable!" DeathJester must've said to himself, despite the fact inside the topic was quite a relevant to the AW Board. So, as is his duty, he promptly deleted the thread for being off topic...

Chapter 2- The Mist of a War Gathers...
The board became enranged! Quickly another topic was made, same title, with, "ver. 2" tacked onto the end (side note, I believe this one was made by Blackout Z). It was once more a raging success, with many more creations added. Ideas began to develop of a race track and golf course, and even a machine shop where you could build and battle robots. Many more members joined up, including a few remaining members on the But once more, disaster struck. DeathJester once more wielded his power, and obliterated the topic once more. A panic began to grip the peaceful society of the old FKP, and would soon be changed forever.

Chapter 3- A One Man Army
A version 3 was made, and once more quickly destroyed. The topic was moved to a Kirby (Kirby's Dream Land 2, if I recall correctly)board by an enthusiastic member who did not want to see the pub destroyed(Redizhot). In all fairness as it was a Kirby topic on a Kirby board, it should be safe. Topics on the Advance Wars board were made to attract members once more, and DeathJester reared his ugly head on the Kirby Board.

DeathJester, then deleted a completely relevant topic a few posts later. Red continued to go through versions with different ways to try and prevent it from being deleted, until about version 7, DeathJester made posts (that were inappropiate, ESPECIALLY inappropiate for a mod) that made it clear that he was doing this solely for his amusement, and Red cowardly lost faith and stopped making topics as karma losses from the deleted topics began to inflict injury upon his account. It seemed nearly impossible to move this board and communicate the move to others, as DeathJester could then find it and delete it, and things began to feel hopeless...

Chapter 4- The Beginning of a New Age
A brave soul by the name of Blackout Z soon stepped forward to take the helm, he continued to make topics and took hits of karma losses heavily. Another member, ASMguy, found a loophole in the system. If the board is not in the top 10 list of a console, topics could not be deleted for off-topicness. The FKP was quickly moved over to the Nine Princes in Amber for the Commodore 64. Word was quickly transferred to the Advance Wars board of this safe haven.
But alas, all war has their casualties. It was too late for Blackout Z, his wounds had been to heavy and his main account, was banned...DeathJester taunted us on the NPIA board, but his powers were worthless there. ASM and Z began designing a website to move the whole of the FKP onto, and after a theme was chosen and all was ready, the Second Age had begun.

More coming soon...

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