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LordHothead is one of FKP's Long-Time Users. He's also one aspiring comic creator with his remake series of Warning: Bad Metroid Sprites Ahead.

You might want to look at his bio to learn more about LordHothead.

Archived Updates

LordHothead's updates will be moved to this list after being featured on the front page.

Warning: Bad Metroid Sprites Ahead
Bonus comics: Storyline comics:
  1. The Beginning, Version 2. Something (April 13th, 2006)
  2. From the Diary of Samus Aran (April 14th, 2006)
  3. "We're hunting Space Pirates" (April 15th, 2006)
  4. Three Hours of Blah Blah Blah (April 16th, 2006)
  5. Final Mission Briefing (May 16th, 2006)
  6. Pirate Massacre (May 24th, 2006)
  7. Enter Stage Right (June 7th, 2006)
  8. An Army of One (June 14th, 2006)
  9. An Army of One, part 2 (June 21th, 2006)
  10. Novel Ideas (June 28th, 2006)
  11. I'm Serious, It Wasn't Me! (July 11th, 2006)
  12. You CAN Help Me, But Not Yet (July 19th, 2006)
  13. EFSA (Exciting Fight Scene Action) (July 19th, 2006)
  14. How DID it get there? (August 9th, 2006)
  15. MechaRidley Unit 7 (August 9th, 2006)

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