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Runescape Woodcutting Guide

Woodcutting, probaly one of the most popular skills in runescape members. Within this skill, you can obtain fletching and/or firemaking experience. However, you can also make a profit from selling logs to other players. Though I really recommend training this stat with Fletching. This gives you the better oppurtunity to increase your chance of becoming rich by being able to cut and fletch and then high alching Yew Long Bows efficently.
Woodcutting, is a free and members stat. The only logs, that free players can not cut are Maple and Magic logs.
To cut down a tree, all you have to do is take any axe(bronze, iron, steel, black, mith, addy or rune) depending on your woodcutting level.

woodcutting axe (hatchet) and their prices at the Lumbridge axe shop.

Trees(click to see best places to cut each tree)

Tree NameLevel RequiredExp for every log cut
Regualr Tree125
Oak Tree1537.5
Willow Tree2062.5
Maple Tree25100
Yew Tree35175
Magic Tree40250
Oak For members, Gnome Stonghold and Seers Village. For non members, the forest south of Falador isn't bad but there are other places scattered out.
Willow For members, Seers Village you can't beat that. For free, Willows are located near water so the river is one of the better places to cut them at.
Maples are members only. There are 4-5 of them in seers village.
Yew Members, in the grave yard south of Seers Village bank. For free, no real good place, there's a couple south of Falador.
Magic logs are members only. Theese are a fair distance south of Seers Village.

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