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Runescape Fletching Guide

Fletching is a useful skill in many cases. Whether you are making mass ammounts of arrows to sell for profit or you are making Yew Long Bows for High Alching. With fletching you have many oppurtunities to make some decent cash. *Note* The highlighted text in the below tables means that the items are avaliable to use on free. (not make but use)
Fletching is a Members Only skill. Nonetheless, here are some tables and some tips to get the most out of fletching.


To make bows, simply just start out with the simple name of the log you want to fletch. (For example, if you want to make a yew long then use your knife with a yew log and select the make 1,5,10 or x ammount) Once you have your bow, you have the option to either put a bow string on it or not. Putting a string on a bow is time consuming, but gives good exp and makes it possible to make money off of high alching.

Bow NameLevel RequiredFletching Exp For Unstrung BowFletching Exp for Stringing the BowTotal Fletching Experience
Short Bow55510
Long Bow10101020
Oak Shot Bow2016.516.533
Oak Long Bow25252550
Willow Short Bow3533.2533.2566.5
Willow Long Bow4041.541.583
Maple Short Bow505050100
Maple Long Bow5558.2558.25116.5
Yew Short Bow6567.567.5135
Yew Long Bow707575150
Magic Short Bow8083.2583.25166.5
Magic Long Bow8591.591.5183


Making arrows is probaly one of runescapes fastest and easiest way to make cash. However it is extremely hard to do it by yourself. I'm not going to tell you all the secrets of arrow making, but don't always believe what other sites tell you. To make arrows, first of all you need an axe to cut regular trees down with. Some sites will tell you to go to a forest to cut down trees. Right now if you're reading this im going to tell you don't go to the forests. Instead go to certain places where trees make rings or squares. It is much easier to cut trees down in patterns and makes it go by real fast. If you are good you should be able to make 4k+ shafts an hour. Cut down trees untill you get a full inventory then use your kife with a log. Once you get a window that shows the options to make 15xShafts, Short Bow & Long Bow. Right click on the shaft option then selcet make x. I always use 30 just because the 3&0 are right next to each other on the num pad, but you can use what ever you want. Once you have your shafts you are going to need lots of feathers to make headless arrows. It is good to have 300k cash or more invested in feathers before you start making arrows. Then once you have attached feathers to all of your shafts use arrowheads on them, which you can either buy or smith.

NameLevel RequiredFletching Exp
15 Arrow Shafts15
15 Headless Arrows115
15 Bronze Arrows139.5
15 Iron Arrows1595
15 Steel Arrows3066.5
15 Mithril Arrows45132.5
15 Addy Arrows60165
15 Rune Arrow75225

Bolt Tips

To make anykind of special bolt, you first have to collect or buy normal crossbow bolts. Then once you have that you can make Opal Bolts by collecting cut opals and using a chisel with them. To make pearl bolts use a chisel with oyster pearls. To make Barbed Tipped Bolts, you can buy them from the Ranging guild for 140 tickets.

NameLevel RequiredFletching Exp
2 Opal Tipped Bolts176
2 Pearl Tipped Bolts3312.5
30 Barbed Tipped Bolts5195


Darts are not hard to make. However they do require the completion of Tourist Trap Quest. All you basically have to do, is smith some dart tips and attach feathers on them.

NameLevel RequiredFletching Exp
Bronze Dart118
Iron Dart2232
Steel Dart3775
Mithril Darts52112
Addy Darts67150
Rune Dart81188

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