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FKP Sidebar

What it does

This allows you to add a FKP Sidebar into the Panel on the left side of your browser. It periodically refreshes to check for new posts. You can click on a board or category name to view it in the main browser area. If you click on the NEW icon by a board, it'll take you to the latest post in that board. As of this writing, it refreshes every 10 minutes, but you can refresh it any time by clicking "Refresh".

For Mozilla 1.0+/Netscape 6+/FireFox .8+:

It's easy to add this sidebar to your browser. Just click here and add it as a bookmark. Once you add it, just click on the bookmark to put it in the sidebar. NOTE: It may work in earlier versions of Firebird also.

For Opera 6:

If you're using Opera, you can add this panel by clicking here.

For Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher:

If you're using IE, you can add a sidebar by clicking here (Javascript must be enabled). If you wish to put this into a bookmark, go to javascript:void(open('','_search')) and drag the the icon by the URL into your favorites. NOTE: It will warn you and say that it might not be safe. I didn't program any bad code into it, though. It's just a warning generated by a Javascript favorite.

I got this idea (and the Javascript on this page) from BoardMod, but I used no Perl code from their sidebar. They had the following note on their page, so I'll include it as well.
Note that this was originally Hinkle's idea so all credits to him :)

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