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Ender Verdant

Advance Wars map by Zeron

[Ender Verdant Map]
Advance Wars map: Ender Verdant
Style: Campaign
Players: 3
Tileset: Swamp (Veggiehunter)


Zeron: Stupid Roma. I'll get him to come out and play once this is completed...
YC Soldier: Sir, scouts have spotted a large army heading near the construction site!
Zeron: Relax, I knew the policemen peoples would need more power to destroy this weapon. And...hey, why are the policemen orange colored now?
YC Soldier: They took Roma with them and that somehow turned them all orange sir.
Zeron: <.<
YC Soldier: >.>
Zeron: No matter. I gave them coordinates to an over forested area, blew up their main bridge, and set up a barricade. It'll take them some time to get through.
Policemen: You're no longer safe at your home. You must come with us to kill Zeron and his weapon of evilness.
Roma: But I'm still busy with my homework!
x0_000: Tch... Too many forests to traverse on... Huh? Roma! Look at that!
Roma: That's a...deathstar?
x0_000: Err...yeah. Wonder why he's building it.
Roma: >.>
x0_000: It looks like the deathstar itself is indestructable, but we can slow down it's construction by capturing those 5 oddly colored cities that somehow give power to the deathstar from long distances.
Roma: How did you know all that? o_o


Orange Star: Roma (Andy)
Green Earth: x0_000(Jess)
Yellow Comet: Zeron (Hawke)


Capture all 5 Black Hole properties

Uploaded: June 14th, 2006

Playable Version

Here's the map in the AW2 clear tileset.
[Ender Verdant Map in the AW2 Clear Tileset]

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