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Ace Combat Zero

Fanfic by Trekling

Chapter 2: Rot Squadron Faceoff

Solo Wing Pixy had told me, they faced off against the Belkan squadron, "Rot"... I managed to grabhold of an old flightlead who actually went toe to toe with this demon lord.

Detleft "Red Swallow" Fleisher/Belkan Airforce/2nd Air Division/52nd Tactical Fighter Squadron - A Man revered for his pride and skill...

"I'll never forget that day, our mission was to maintain air superiority over the B7R. When the call came out for reinforcements, I felt anger. The IFF was going crazy over just two Ustio Mercenaries. Somehow...we lost that day, but I felt...a strange happiness..." -Detleft

"How did we win? I have no idea, but we were amazingly outnumbered. Like I said, He could adapt to the problem at hand and quickly deal with it..." -Pixy

AWACS: "AWACS to Galm Team, Rot Team is approaching at a fast speed, free to engage at any moment"

Rot 1: "Has the IFF gone crazy? There's only 2 of them here!"

Rot 4: "Well then, let's show them not to mess with us at the Round Table!"

Pixy: "This is going to cost you guys extra back at HQ...Here come the fireworks!"

Rot 1: "Fire XLAA's (Advanced Long Range Air-to-Air Missles) on my mark...3...2...1...Mark!"

5 XLAA's screamed through the air heading for Pixy and Cipher. With Missle Alarms blaring an explosion broke the odd silence.

AWACS: "Galm 1's been shacked by an enemy missle"

Rot 3: "I can't believe we're wasting our time here"

Pixy: "Yo buddy! You ok?"

The XLAA had destroyed part of Cipher's F-15 Afterburners, reducing his speed. Rot Team dispersed as Galm team flew underneath them. Cipher quickly turned his plane and started after Rot 2.

AWACS: "Fox 2, Fox 2"

Rot 2: "I have a bandit on my 6, requsting assis-ARGHH!!!"

Two missles shots by Cipher ripped open the cockpit of the unlucky Rot 2 pilot's Typhoon and destroyed it completely.

AWACS: "Bandit Down, Good Job Galm 1"

Rot 1: "Rot 2, what happened?!"

Rot 5: "He's been shot down by the F-15 with the Blue Wing"

Pixy: "Now that's karma for ya!"

Rot 4: "They'll pay for that!"

Rot 4, crazed with anger, trailed Cipher's aircraft with everything he got. Cover flashed over Pixy's screen as he trailed Rot 1...

Pixy: "Cover? Roger, I'll take care of that idiot."


Rot 1: "Calm yourself 4, you're going to get yourself killed!"

Pixy: "Ya know? He's right... Pixy Fox 2, Fox 2!"

AWACS: "Missles away"

Blinded by the fury, Rot 4's wings were destroyed from the impact of the two missles followed by a fuselage explosion...

AWACS: "2 Down, 3 Remain..."

Pixy: "Check out Cipher! Make that 3 Down AWACS!"

With Pixy covering him, Cipher drilled Rot 5's Afterburners with his machine gun.

Rot 1: "Rot 1 to Rot 3, only we remain..."

Rot 3: "Rot 1, my plane's being swiss-cheezed by the plane with the red wing, I can't control myself anymore, I need to disengage..."

AWACS: "You are almost out of time, let Rot 3 disengage and go for Rot 1."

Pixy: "That's four, let's finish this Cipher"

The Dynamic Duo came at Rot 1 from both directions and at each side shot a missle...

Pixy: "Fox Two!"

AWACS: "Galm 1, Fox Two!" *explosion* "That's confirmed downed of all bandits, good job Galm team"

Rot 1: "You two are something...but Belka will never give up..."

Pixy: "You might as well, you'll never win against the Allied Forces"

AWACS: "Galm Team, return to base! The Navel Forces have begun their advance into the canal."

Pixy: "Looks like we were just a couple of decoys...Yo buddy, Still Alive?"

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