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Ace Combat Zero

Fanfic by Trekling

Chapter 1: The Wings of a Demon Spread

My search for this pilot is my life's work, many documents, many interviews, but not a single lead to the pilot named Cipher, also known as the "Demon Lord of the Round Table". He was a remarkable mercenary of the Ustio Air Force, Galm Team and only his wingman, "Solo Wing Pixy", knew what it was first hand to fight along side him in the famous Belkan war that happened 15 years ago. "He was an amazing fighter...the best...if anything wrong would happen, he would always be quick to adjust to it and *pop* just like that, he'd be back on his A game...I remember this one time..." (Flashback to an earlier sortie)

Area: Belkan Priority One B7R Airspace "Round Table" Date: May 13th, 1995

AWACS: "Listen up! Now that we've secured the area arround the Vallais Base, we need to pass and secure the Hydrian Line that devides us from the capital Directus. The easiest way we can do that is by passing through the Round Table, a political sign of Belka's Power. This won't be easy though so I'm placing Galm Team on this mission"

Pixy: "Hear that Cipher? We can finally prove ourselves at the round table"

Cipher continued flying towards the target area without saying a word and after continued flying, four bogeys suddenly appeared on radar.

AWACS: "Multiple bogeys headed your way Galm Team, we're counting 16 currently. Galm 1, Engage!"

Pixy: "Galm 2, Engaging. Remember Cipher, you give me the orders now!"

Four F-5's flew Mach 1 straight at the Galm Team, but little did they know Cipher was ready with XMAA's (Advanced Medium-Range Air to Air Missles) and at the sound of lock on, launched four missles at each of the planes.

AWACS: "Fox 3!"

Pixy: "Woo! Looks like they all might hit!"

And with that said, four planes instantly turned into flaming fireballs. From the distance, Pixy could see a jettisoned chair floating to the ground.

Pixy: "Like anyones going to go for them down there, once your down here, you're down for good"

AWACS:"2 Targets Neutralized and 2 Destroyed, free action to the neutralized aircraft"

Pixy: "HELLLLLLO BONUS! Permission to Disperse captain!"

Chiper reluctantly gave the go and also the use of any Special Weapons. The Solo Wing Pixy flew past Cipher and quickly gunned down the last two craft trying to escape.

Downed Belkan: "Those damn Ustio mercenaries...they'll do anything to get a worthwhile pay..."

Pixy: "Sometimes I regret that they're right..."

AWACS: "ATTENTION! Galm 1, the enemy is tracking you on radar!"

Warnings appeared all over the rader as Cipher flew to an extreme altitude of 20000 ft and stalled his own plane. Alarms blared as a missle flew straight for Ciphers 6 o'clock.


Pixy: "Yo Cipher! Don't stall on me now!"

Ciphers stalled plane fell nose first at an amazing speed dodging the missle and floating just behind Galm Teams 5th victim. Quickly unstalling the plane he grazed the F-5's afterburners and shot two missles.

AWACS: "Fox 2!" *explosion* "Enemy Eliminated"

Pixy: "Sneaky little bastard, aren't you? I don't wanna be upstaged by you..."

He did an Innelman and flipped open the special weapons control, firing 3 XMAA's at different planes in an upsidedown position.

AWACS: "XMAA's away!" *three explosions* "2 Neutralized and 1 Destroyed"

Belkan Fighter 1: "That's the Eagle! That one with the red winged plane! He took out Daryl!"

Belkan Fighter 2: "There's a hole in my fuselage, I gotta get out of the combat zone!"

Out of nowhere Cipher comes with guns ablaze at the neutralized aircraft drilling them both full of holes.

Downed Belkan: "It's no good, I can't escape intact!"

Belkan Fighter 3: "IFF's going crazy, there's only 2 aircraft out there!"

AWACS: "Looks like they're retreating. WAIT! INCOMING REINFORCEMENTS! Uplinking Group Statistics:" *Rot Team - 2nd Air Division - 52nd Tactical Fighter Squadron* -5 Team Members-Aircraft: Typhoons-

Pixy: "They're in so much shambles they needed to bring in Aces...Yo buddy, watch your back, those Typhoons are very versatile in movement"

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