The Flying Kirby Pub

Brothers of War

Fanfic by Shadow Pharoah

Chapter 4: Omaha Beach

Jacob quickly pulled James back behind the hedgehog. "Stay still, sir. I am going to get a first-aid kit." he told James, who was holding the small scrape with his hand. "It hurts! It hurts!" he cried in pain. Jacob ran up, holding his rifle, with a medic behind him. "Sarge, I got a medic!" Jacob introduced the medic. "Yeah, OK. Just stop the pain!" Sergeant Daniels groaned. "Where are you hurt, sir?" the medic asked. James showed him his arm, and cried in pain again. "Don't be a baby, that's barely a flesh wound!" the medic sighed. He pulled out some medical supplies, and fixed up the scrape. "Thanks, Doc." James smiled. "Yeah, whatever. Now I need to save some lives." the medic finished, running back toward the end of the beach. James threw the Springfield sniper aside, and pulled his Thompson from beneath the hedgehog. "You ready to go, Brown?" James asked, pulling himself in to a crouching position. "Ready when you are."

The two soldiers ran from hedgehog to hedgehog, trying to avoid the gunfire from the bunkers. "Damn Krauts don't give up, eh?" Jacob yelled up to James. "Cut the chatter, Brown! Move the important parts. Your legs!" he screamed back, bullets whizzing past his feet. "Yes sir!" They continued running down the beach, and taking cover behind each hedgehog. "Only a few more hedgehogs until the hill up to the bunkers. We should get some more troops." James told Jacob, looking behind him. "Sarge! It's that medic!" Jacob said, tapping James on the soldier. James turned around, and called the medic over. "Hey! Medic! Over here!" James yelled, hoping his voice would reach over the sound of the bullets. The medic turned his head, and ran over toward the hedgehog. "Yeah?" he asked. "What's your name, Private?" James asked, ducking his head. "PFC James P. Grant, sir." he changed his tone, seeing James' Sergeant patch. "Good, we'll need you. We're heading up there to take a bunker." The medic's face slumped down. "Your crazy!" he exclaimed. "We're only three men, they must have, what, a hundred men up there?" James laughed. "With a little tactics, we could do it. Now, scout out, and try to recruit as many survivors. It's going to be hell up there."

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