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Brothers of War

Fanfic by Shadow Pharoah

Chapter 3: Moscow

The snow began falling harder then ever. Soviet Union soldiers were preparing to hold the city of Moscow against the Nazis. Captain Matvei Talerka stood in front of his squad, some of the soldier's pulled from their homes and thrown in to training. "Alright, comrades. The fascist Germans are on their way to take our city of Moscow. We cannot allow them to do this. We will destroy them at all costs." he said in a thick Russian accent. The soldiers raised their weapons, and let out a cheer. German planes flew over, firing their machine guns, but Matvei stood still. "We will not let the Nazis bring our numbers down! We will fight to the very last man! We will fight for Stalin! WE WILL FIGHT FOR THE MOTHERLAND! CHARGE!" he screamed as he signaled the soldiers to follow him. His boots smashed through the snow on the ground as he ran in to a crumbling building. Behind Matvei was PFC Vassili Zaitsev, holding his PPSh-41. He had slammed a new ammo drum in to it. "I will die for the Motherland if I must, captain!" he readily said.

"Sukhoi! Get upstairs and use your sniper to hunt down some fascists!" Matvei yelled to Corporal Pavel Sukhoi, the squad's sniper. "Yes sir." he nodded, and climbed up the stairs. "Uh... We got... Three Nazi squads it looks like... And an officer. I saw them salute to him." Pavel informed the rest of the squad. "Very well. Fire when ready, Corporal." Captain Talerka told him. There was a thunderous blast of a missile smashing in to a building. That was when Pavel took the shot to hide the sound. The sniper bullet pierced the officer's head, splashing the snow with red blood. "Good shot, Sukhoi. Alright squad, let's move up while he keeps us covered! Go!" Matvei commanded his troops as he ran out the door.

Private Vladimir Kvasov leaned around the corner, looking at the German's Pavel was firing at. He saw a tread moving forward from a corner down the street. He quickly took cover behind the wall again, and yelled "PANZER! PANZER! PAVEL! GET TO COVER!" he screamed toward the window Pavel was sniping out of. Vladimir began running for the building, but Captain Talerka grabbed him by the shoulder. "Don't go in there! I'd rather not lose two soldiers!" he told him. The tank's barrel aimed up at the window, and fired a shell. It slammed against the building, sending pieces of brick flying to the ground. "I'm sure he got out in time. But first, we need to take care of this tank. Get a sapper up the street!" Matvei commanded.

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