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Runescape Magic Guide

By Zacheris

Table of Contents

Introduction to Mage
Spellbooks and their differences
Spells, the Costs, the effect, and the experience (Modern)
Spells, the Costs, the effect, and the experience (Ancient)
Spells, the Costs, the effect, and the experience (Lunar)
Levelling Tips
Suggested Equipment Setups

Introduction to Mage

Mage (Magic) is the ability to use the the power contained in the Rune Stones to damage your opponents, or decrease their combat prowess, or to teleport around runescape or even just to compost your farming patch!

It is undoubtedly the most variable skill in the game as there is no single use for it. Some use it to kill their fellow players, some simply to decrease travel times and some use it purely to sustain themselves via the infinitely useful bones to peaches spell.

Personally, I find Mage to be incredibly fun in Castlewars, I've been using ot there since I was around level 40 and even then my bind spells were useful for capturing flags. Now with Ice Barrage the fun that can be had is... Unbelievable.

However, this fun has a very large pricetag. At the high end spells can cost over 2,000gp per cast. And that's a lot. I, though, would argue that it's entirely worth it. That however is for you to decide.

Spellbooks and their differences

Runescape currently has three different books (sets of spells) for the player to use, these are, in order of release:

Modern Magics (The default)
Ancient Magics (Made to kill other players, gained from completing Desert Treasure)
Lunar Magic (Used to assist the player, or to act as a white mage, gained from Lunar Diplomacy)

Moderns make up the bulk of the spells available in the game. There are many teleports to most of the cities in the game, so they are very helpful for a player looking to travel. You can also find the jewlery enchant spells and the bind spells in the moderns. In addition to this they contain many cheap but damging spells such as Magic Dart (18 damage at the cost of of about 400gp) or the god spells (30 damage at the cost of aproximately 1300gp). In addition to damaging spells they also contain the stat reducing spells which can allow you to nerf your opponent's combat stats by up to 15 percent!

Not only this but the ever helpful alchemy spells and bones to peaches reside in this book. Modern Magics could be said to be the balance in the game between the ability to kill players and the ability to assist yourself.

Ancients, however, are another matter entirely. These spells are made purely for the purpose of destroying anything and anyone that gets in your way. There are two types of spells in the ancients: Teleports and Killing spells. A number of the teleports lead to wilderness locations, though the Canifis teleport (Kharyll) could be said to be usefull. The killing spells, however... Those are fun...

Imagine a fully charged up god spell. Now put an even better version of entangle on it. Sounds awesome doesn't it? Oh, wait, it can hit up to nine players in a single cast, silly me, forgot about that...

This means, of course, an upper limit of 270 damage in a single casting. That's a lot.

Lunars however have NO directly damaging spells. However they do have a number of useful teleports (Fishing Guild, anyone?) as well as the ability to take up to four friends with you when you teleport. Also the ability to cure poison magically can be found here, and other miscelanious helpful little tricks (stringing amulets, making glass, all sorts). Of course the most powerful aspects of this spellbook are the ability to heal your friends, removing their need to eat food and perhaps the ability to use the Vengence skill (Ring of recoil, but returns 75% of the damage done. So if you take 20 damage they take 15)

Spells, the costs, the effect, and the experience (Modern)

All spells are grouped by category, not by level.

Offensive Spells

All offensive spells give an extra 2xp for every 1 point of damage inflicted

Strike Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Air Strike11 Mind + 1 Air5.52
Water Strike51 Mind + 1 Air + 1 Water7.54
Earth Strike91 Mind + 1 Air + 2 Earth9.56
Fire Strike131 Mind + 2 Air + 3 Fire11.58

Notes: According to the god letters, Air Strike is the foundation of all other spells. Additionally you will find that the Strike Spell family is the only one where the Max damage increases by 2 with each step instead of 1 which is the increment in all other families (Including Ancients). Finally, these are the only spells which will effect Sardin the Twisted in the Yanille agility dungeon.

Bolt Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Air Bolt171 Chaos + 2 Airs13.59
Water Bolt231 Chaos + 2 Airs + 2 Waters16.510
Earth Bolt291 Chaos + 2 Airs + 3 Earths19.511
Fire Bolt351 Chaos + 3 Airs + 4 Fires21.512

Notes: After completing the Family Crest guide you can opt to receive the Chaos Gauntlets which will have a fairly large impact on the damage you are capable of inflicting with the Bolt Spells. Fire Bolt, for example, will increase from 12 damage to 15 which is only one damage less than Fire Blast. With Chaos Gauntlets these spells are quite arguably the most cost efficient for training with offensive magic.

Blast Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Air Blast411 Death + 3 Airs25.513
Water Blast471 Death + 3 Airs + 3 Waters28.514
Earth Blast531 Death + 3 Airs + 4 Earths31.515
Fire Blast591 Death + 4 Airs + 5 Fires34.516

Notes: It's worth noting that unless you craft your own deaths, each of these spells will cost at least aproximately double the amount of GP that it's Bolt Spell counterpart costs. These are the spells that free play PKer mages use and also people who don't mind paying extra GP to train a bit faster. Personally, I'd stick to the Bolt spells if you wish to train, and Wave spells if you wish to kill.

Wave Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Air Wave621 Blood + 5 Airs3617
Water Wave651 Blood + 5 Airs + 7 Waters37.518
Earth Wave701 Blood + 5 Airs + 7 Earths4019
Fire Wave751 Blood + 5 Airs + 7 Fires42.520

Notes: The epitome of the elemental spells, I'd strongly advise against using these for training (Unless you're rolling in cash) and instead save them for occasions like castle wars and such. Additionally I'd like to point out that if we assume Blood Runes cost 550gp, Chaoses are 150gp, airs and fires cost 20gp then the cost of Fire Wave is 790gp for 20 damage which compares badly with the Chaos Gaunts Fire Bolt which has a cost of only 290gp for 15 damage. Is that extra five damage really worth it?

Special Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Crumble Undead391 Chaos + 2 Airs + 2 Earths24.515
Magic Dart501 Death + 4 Minds + Slayer Staff3019
Iban Blast501 Death + 5 Fires + Iban Staff3025

Notes: Crumble Undead has a lesser rune cost than Earth Bolt yet gives more exp and its damage is equal to that of Earth Blast. However it will only work on skeletons, zombies and things like that as the name suggests. The Slayer Staff can auto-cast this. Magic dart does *incredible* damage however on top of the level 50 Magic requirement you also need to be wielding a Slayer Staff which requires level 55 slayer. Said staff can also Auto-cast the spell which makes it one of the best spells in the modern mage spell book, overall.

The Iban Blast looks great on paper but it cannot be auto-cast and also after 100 casts you will need to recharge it deep within the Underground Path. Not very practical but until level 80 no spell will beat it for damage (Modern, Ancient or otherwise).

God Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Saradomin Strike602 Bloods + 2 Fires + 4 Airs + Saradomin Staff6120
Claws of Guthix602 Bloods + 1 Fire + 4 Airs + Guthix Saff or V. Knight Mace6120
Flames of Zamorak602 Bloods + 4 Fires + 1 Air + Zamorak Staff6120
Charge603 Bloods + 3 Fires + 3 Airs180Raises all God spells max damage to 30

Notes: All three god spells have small side effects which are as thus:
S. Strike - Reduces opponent's prayer a little
G. Claws - Reduces opponent's defense a little
Z. Flames - Reduces opponent's Mage a little

Charge cannot be used to train magic as it can only be used aproximately once every 2 minutes.

Stat/Hinderence Spells

Stopping Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Bind202 Natures + 3 Waters + 3 Earths30Opponent cannot move for 5 seconds
Snare503 Natures + 4 Waters + 4 Earths60Opponent cannot move for 10 seconds
Entangle794 Natures + 5 Waters + 5 Earths89Opponent cannot move for 15 seconds

Notes: All of these spells are capable of inflicting some damage but as I am not completely certain about exactly how much (Although I *think* Entangle peaks at 4) I will refrain from listing the guesses. Just be aware of it. Additionally Snare and Entangle are member only spells which is kind of bad as they're really the only two worth using...

Body Spells

All Body spells reduce one of your opponents stats by 5%, I will simply list which stat it is that is effected.

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Confuse31 Body + 3 Waters + 2 Earths13Attack lowered
Weaken111 Body + 3 Waters + 2 Earths21Strength reduce
Curse191 Body + 3 Earths + 2 Waters29Defense lowered

Notes: If you want to level up cheaply and swiftly, Curse is the way to go all the way from 19 into perhaps the 40s or 50s. It's phenomenal experience at those levels.

Soul Spells

All Body spells reduce one of your opponents stats by 10%, I will simply list which stat it is that is effected.

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Vulnerability661 Soul + 5 Waters + 5 Earths76Attack lowered
Enfeeble731 Soul + 8 Waters + 8 Earths83Strength reduce
Stun801 Soul + 12 Earths + 12 Waters90Defense lowered

Notes: Mud Staff + Stun = Better experience than a Fire Wave which hits 20 every time


Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Teleblock851 Law + 1 Chaos + 1 Death95Removes target's ability to teleport for 5 minutes

Teleporting Magic

DestinationLevel NeededRunes NeededXP Gained
Varrok251 Law + 3 Airs + 1 Fire35
Lumbridge311 Law + 3 Airs + 1 Earth41
Falador371 Law + 3 Airs + 1 Water48
Your House401 Law + 1 Air + 1 Earth30
Camelot451 Law + 5 Airs55.5
Ardougne512 Laws + 2 Waters61
Yanille582 Laws + 2 Earths68
Trollheim612 Laws + 2 Fires68
Ape Atoll642 Laws + 2 Waters + 2 Fires + A Banana74

Notes: After Camelot each teleport spell requires a quest to be completed before it can be used, these quests are as follows:
Adougne - Plague City
Yanille - Watchtower Quest
Trollgeim - Eadgar's Ruse
Ape Atoll - Monkey Section of Recipe for Disaster
Note that the House Teleport spell is one of only spells in the game where the level neded is higher than the experience gained from casting the spell in the moderns spell book. The other is Bones to Peaches. Also you need a house to be able to teleport to.


DestinationLevel NeededRunes NeededXP Gained
Lumbridge741 Law + 1 Soul + 1 Earth84
Falador821 Law + 1 Soul + 1 Earth92
Camelot901 Law + 2 Soul100

Notes: Helpful for transporting friends who are on different spell books, not really good for training mage as the Stun Spell is *far* more efficient.


Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Tele-Grab331 Law + 1 Air43Get items you otherwise could not reach

Notes: Tele-grab is used in several quests.

Imbuement Spells

Enchanting Spells

Enchant spells don't have a name, instead they are simply given levels.


Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedUsed on
Level 171 Cosmic + 1 Water17.5Saphire Stuff
Level 2271 Cosmic + 3 Airs37Emerald Stuff
Level 3491 Cosmic + 5 Fires59Ruby Stuff
Level 4571 Cosmic + 10 Earth67Diamond Stuff
Level 5681 Cosmic + 15 Waters + 15 Earths78Dragonstone Stuff
Level 6871 Cosmic + 20 Fires + 20 Earths97Onyx Stuff

Crossbow Bolts

These are accessed through the crossbow image which takes residence in the level 4 magic slot in the Modern Magic book. Note that level 4 is the MINIMUM needed and you may not be able to enchant your bolts. Each enchant will imbue up to 10 of your gem-tipped bolts with a special effect. Also, enchanted bolts are untradeable. Note that as they have no names (at all) I will simply list the type of gem which must be the tip of the bolt.
Used onLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Opal41 Cosmic + 2 Airs??Target randomly hit by lighting for more damage
Saphire71 Cosmic + 1 Water + 1 Body??Chance of draining opponent's prayer
Jade141 Cosmic + 2 Earths??Target randomly hit to the ground
Pearl241 Cosmic + 2 Waters??Target randomly hit by water for more damage
Emerald271 Cosmic + 1 Nature + 3 Airs??High chance of super poisoning target
Topaz291 Cosmic + 2 Fires??Chance of lowering target's mage level
Ruby491 Cosmic + 1 Blood + 5 Fires??Lose 10% of your HP to make opponent lose 20% of theirs
Diamond571 Cosmic + 2 Laws + 10 Earth??Chance of ignoring opponent's range defense
Dragonstone681 Cosmic + 1 Soul + 15 Earth??Chance of using Dragonbreath (40+ damage)
Onyx871 Cosmic + 1 Death + 20 Fire??Chance of doing extra damage + draining HP

Orb Charging

Charge Spells

All the spells are named Change (Element) Orb but for spacing reasons I've just used (Element) Charge
Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Water Charge563 Cosmics + 30 Waters56Aligns an unpowered orb to water
Earth Charge603 Cosmics + 30 Earths70Aligns an unpowered orb to earth
Fire Charge633 Cosmics + 30 Fires73Aligns an unpowered orb to fire
Air Charge663 Cosmics + 30 Airs76aligns an unpowered orb to air

Notes: Although the Air rune precedes all others, the Air Orb is the most difficult to create. Logically this makes no sense, it's simply because it happens to be the most versatile and thus useful staff of the four so Jagex gave it the highest requirements.

Assist Spells


Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Low Level Alchemy211 Nature + 3 Fires31Turn item into some coins
High Level Alchemy551 Nature + 5 Fires65Turn item into more coins

Notes: If you have 55 magic you should never use low level alchemy, just use a fire staff and the costs are identical.

Conversion Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Bones to Bananas151 Nature + 2 Waters + 2 Earths25Turns all bones in inventory into bananas
Bones to Peaches602 Natures + 4 Waters + 4 Earths35.5Turns all bones in inventory into peaches

Notes: Bananas heal 3, peaches heal 8. Bones to Peaches must be earned from the Mage Training Arena located in al kharid north of the Duel Arena.

Misc Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Superheat Item431 Nature + 4 Fires53Turn Ores into Bars

Spells, the Costs, the effect, and the experience (Ancient)

Again these spells are grouped by type, not level (Although it pretty much amounts to the same thing with this book)

Offensive Magic

Notes: ALL Smoke spells can poison your opponent. ALL Shadow spells can lower your opponent's Attack. ALL Blood spells heal you by aproximately 1/4 of the damage dealt. ALL Ice spells work like the bind spell set. (From 5-20 seconds in increments of 5)

Rush Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Smoke Rush502 Deaths + 2 Chaos + 1 Air + 1 Fire3013
Shadow Rush522 Deaths + 2 Chaos + 1 Soul + 1 Air3114
Blood Rush561 Blood + 2 Deaths + 2 Chaos3315
Ice Rush582 Deaths + 2 Chaos + 2 Waters3416

Notes: If you're not using Ice Rush then you shouldn't be using these, and even then I'd still prefer Fire Blast. 'Still, the 5 seconds of no movement for your opponent should be helpful.

Burst Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Smoke Burst622 Deaths + 4 Chaos + 2 Airs + 2 Fires3717
Shadow Burst642 Deaths + 4 Chaos + 2 Souls + 1 Air3717
Blood Burst682 Bloods + 2 Deaths + 4 Chaos3921
Ice Burst702 Deaths + 4 Chaos + 4 Waters4022

Notes: All of these spells are capable of hitting all targets in a 3x3 square around the selected target with every cast. That means you can theoretically hit up to 9 people per cast. Also, compare Ice Burst to Ice Rush, for an extra 340 gp you get 10 seconds of snare instead of 5, 22 damage instead of 16 and all of this on up to 9 people instead of 1. Awesome set.

Blitz Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Smoke Blitz742 Bloods + 2 Deaths + 2 Airs + 2 Fires4323
Shadow Blitz762 Bloods + 2 Deaths + 2 Souls + 2 Air4324
Blood Blitz804 Bloods + 2 Deaths4525
Ice Blitz822 Bloods + 2 Deaths + 3 Waters4626

Notes: Although they only hit 1 target, these are all deadly. Except Blood Blitz but only because it's so costly that few people use it outside of the Duel Arena (Where, incidently, the only thing better is Blood Barrage). Ice Blitz is very much like Iban Blast merged with Entangle owing to the massive damage and 15 seconds of freezing.

Barrage Spells

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedMax Damage
Smoke Barrage862 Bloods + 4 Deaths + 4 Airs +4 Fires4827
Shadow Barrage882 Bloods + 4 Deaths + 3 Souls +4 Airs4828
Blood Barrage924 Bloods + 4 Deaths + 1 Soul5129
Ice Barrage942 Bloods + 4 Deaths + 6 Waters5230

Notes: Observe the fact that the most damaging and arguably useful spell, Ice Barrage, is also the cheapest of the barrage set. Gotta love Jagex. These spells are like exactly like the Burst Family. Except on major steroids. This time the Ice Spell will freeze for 20(!!!) seconds. Also given that the maximum damage is 30 per person and that it can hit 9 people, that means 270 possible damage which yields 540exp per cast + the 52 base. So at almost 600xp per cast, it is physically possible to use this for training.

Teleporting Magic


DestinationLevel NeededRunes NeededXP Gained
Edgeville542 Laws + 1 Air + 1 Fire64
Digsite602 Laws + 1 Soul70
Canifis662 Laws + 1 Blood76
Ice Mountain722 Laws + 4 Waters82
Wildy Ruins (Lvl 30-40)782 Laws + 2 Airs + 3 Fires88
Wildy Graveyard (Lvl 18)842 Laws + 2 Souls82
Demon Ruins (Lvl 45-48)902 Laws + 2 Bloods100
Ice Plateau (Lvl 50-53)962 Laws + 8 Waters106

Notes: All costly teleports to the places which were -at the time of the God wars - the modern day important cities. Edgeville teleport can be useful for abyss Rune Crafters.

Spells, the Costs, the effect, and the experience (Lunar)

There are really only three sections with this spell set, White Magic, Teleports and Misc.

White Magic

Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Cure Other681 Astral + 1 Law + 10 Earths48Cures target of poison
Cure Me712 Astrals + 1 Law + 2 Cosmics46Cures you of poison
Cure Group742 Astrals + 2 Laws + 2 Cosmics59Cures up to 4 people around you of poison
Stat Restore Pot Share812 Astrals + 10 Earths + 10 Waters49Allows you to share Prayer/Stat/S.Stat restore pots with up to 4 players around you
Boost Pot Share843 Astrals + 12 Earths + 10 Waters62Allows you to share non-super stat boost pots with up to 4 people around you
Energy Transfer913 Astrals + 1 Nature + 2 Laws68Suffer some damage to transfer energy and special attack bar to target
Heal Other923 Astrals + 3 Laws + 1 Blood86Drains you of HP to heal target
Heal Group954 Astrals + 6 Laws + 3 Bloods124Drains you of HP to heal up to 4 people around you

Notes: The obvious benefits of this are that in the wilderness your partner may not have to eat food or cure poison at all as you have the ability to heal them. It also allows up to 8 dds specs in a row, but that's kinda cheap... Still if it gets you a good pk, who cares?


Note that if you use a group teleport, you will teleport as normal but if anyone was standing beside you they will be able to teleport with you in the same way as the Modern Mage Tele-Other spells work.

Teleport Spells

DestinationLevel NeededRunes NeededXP Gained
Moonclan692 Astrals + 1 law + 2 Earths50
G. Moonclan702 Astrals + 1 Law + 4 Earths51
Waterbirth722 Astrals + 1 Law + 1 Water51
G. Waterbirth732 Astrals + 1 Law + 4 Waters53
Barb Village752 Astrals + 2 Laws + 2 Fires53
G. Barb Village762 Astrals + 2 Laws + 6 Fires55
Khazard782 Astrals + 2 Laws + 4 Waters54
G. Khazard792 Astrals + 2 Laws + 8 Waters56
Fishing Guild853 Astrals + 3 Laws + 10 Waters65
G. Fishing Guild863 Astrals + 3 Laws + 14 Waters70
Catherby873 Astrals + 3 Laws + 10 Waters78
G. Catherby883 Astrals + 3 Laws + 15 Waters80
Ice Plateau (Lvl 50-53 wild)893 Astrals + 3 Laws + 8 Waters96
G. Ice Plateau (Lvl 50-53 wild)903 Astrals + 3 Laws + 16 Waters99

Notes: The Moonclan teleport allows effortless spellbook switching when changing away from Lunar spells, also the group spells can be really useful, even for PKing when you can take your entire team straight to the deep wild.

Miscellanious Spells


Spell NameLevel NeededRunes NeededXP GainedEffect
Bake Pie651 Astral + 5 Fires + 4 Waters26 + Cooking xpCooks all unbaked pies in inventory
Cure Plant661 Astral + 8 Earths26Cures plants of disease
NPC Contact671 Astral + 1 Cosmic + 2 Airs30Allows you to talk to various NPCs
Superglass Make772 Astrals + 10 Airs + 6 Fires41 + 10 craft xpAllows you to make molten glass without a furnace
String Amulet802 Astrals + 10 Earths + 5 Water44 + 4 craft xpStrings an amulet without ball of wool
Magic Imbue822 Astrals + 7 Fires + 7 Waters51Allows you to make combo runes for a short while
Fertile Soil833 Astrals + 2 Nats + 15 Earths61 + 18 Farm xpFertilises farm patch with super compost
Vengence Other933 Astrals + 2 Deaths + 10 Earth73Put vengence effect on target
Vengence944 Astrals + 2 Deaths + 10 Earth75Put Vengence effect on self

Notes: Vengence effect will return 75% of the damage you receive to your opponent for one hit. IE you take 20 damage, they take 15. NPC contact can be used for slayer, removing the need to visit your master after every task but other than that.... I mean, String Amulet, that's just desperation on Jagex's part...


In RuneScape there is a fairly vast amount of armour available for you to pick and choose from as you please. There's cheap clothes that even a player fresh off of Tutorial Island can get fairly easily. Then you have the big bad stuff that costs a pretty penny. Of course after that you get the rediculously expensive stuff which gives less stat boosts... Yeah... Unfortunately given the unique way in which RuneScape's player market works (or doesn't) I won't be able to list prices because... Well, I could list something as 5gp then it becomes a rare item worth 5M.... *Cough* Iron Sickle *Cough*

This section will be devised into 8 key areas:


Note that no Mage Hat in the game gives any sort of boost to either Strength or prayer, so they will not be listed. The top line of stats will be the Attack Boosts, the second to the Defense boosts. In order of stat boosts (To mage attack):


Wizard Hat00020
Defensive Bonuses00020
Skeletal Helmet00020
Defensive Bonuses1091130
Lunar Helmet 0 0 0 3 -2
Defensive Bonuses8 7 102 0
Ghostly Hood00030
Defensive Bonuses00030
Gnome Hats00030
Defensive Bonuses00030
Splitbark Helmet0003-2
Defensive Bonuses1091130
Mystic Hat00040
Defensive Bonuses00040
Enchanted Hat00040
Defensive Bonuses00040
Infinity Hat00060
Defensive Bonuses00060
Farseer Helmet-5-506-5
Defensive Bonuses8121060
Ahrim Hood0006-2
Defensive Bonuses15131660

Notes: The Farseer is fairly cheap yet gives identical mage+ to both Ahrim AND Infinity, it also doesn't degrade. Against normal monsters you should not be using Ahrim's hood when Farseer is available. Unless you like burning money to look cool, in which case you may procceed. Also note that the full enchantment set is basically like God armour... It's identical to mystic in stats but looks cooler.


Lunar Amulet0001000
Defensive Bonuses00010--
Unholy Symbol2222208
Defensive Bonuses00000--
Lunar Ring0002000
Defensive Bonuses00020--
Seers Ring0004000
Defensive Bonuses00040--
Amulet of Magic00010000
Defensive Bonuses00000--
Glory Amulet101010101063
Defensive Bonuses33333--
Amulet of Fury101010101085
Defensive Bonuses1515151515--

Notes: The unholy Symbol can be a useful aid in things like the Fight Cave, I mean it's not gonna boost your attack success rate by an extreme amount, but who knows can really say. Amulet of Magic is absolutely fantastic for new players, providing identical mage attack bonus to even the super expensive Amulet of Fury! Personally I favour the Glory Amulet. Those teleports are a life saver, sometimes literally.


Zamorak Robe Top0002003
Defensive Bonuses00030--
Wizards Robe0003000
Defensive Bonuses00030--
Ghostly Robe Top0005000
Defensive Bonuses00050--
Skeletal Top0008-1000
Defensive Bonuses352542150--
Lunar Torso0 0 0 10 -10 0 0
Defensive Bonuses34 22 40 12 0 - -
Splitbark Top00010-1000
Defensive Bonuses362642150--
Mystic Robe Top00020000
Defensive Bonuses000200--
Enchanted Top00020000
Defensive Bonuses000200--
Infinity Top00022000
Defensive Bonuses000220--
Ahrim Robe Top00030-1000
Defensive Bonuses523763300--

Notes: For such a difficult armour to acquire, skeletal is a fairly poor armour. Granted the defense is nice but it's not even as good as Splitbark. Mind you, it's fairly cool looking. It is also worth noting that Infinity isn't really much better than Mystic. The extra few million gp it costs will grant you a grand total of 4 more stats than the Mystic... Then again, Ahrim blows both of them away, and costs less than the Infinity.


Zamorak Robe Bottom0002003
Defensive Bonuses00030--
Ghostly Robe Bottom0004000
Defensive Bonuses00040--
Skeletal Bottoms0006-700
Defensive Bonuses222024100--
Lunar Legs0 0 0 7 -7 0 0
Defensive Bonuses20 19 23 9 0 - -
Splitbark Legs0007-700
Defensive Bonuses222025100--
Mystic Robe Bottom00015000
Defensive Bonuses000150--
Enchanted Robe00015000
Defensive Bonuses000150--
Infinity Bottom00017000
Defensive Bonuses000170--
Ahrims Robe Skirt00022-700
Defensive Bonuses333036220--


Chaos Gauntlets2220000
Defensive Bonuses89700--
Leather Gloves1111110
Defensive Bonuses11111--
Ghostly Gloves0002000
Defensive Bonuses00020--
Splitbark Gauntlets0002-100
Defensive Bonuses32420--
Mystic Gloves0003000
Defensive Bonuses00030--
Lunar Gloves0 0 0 4 -1 0 0
Defensive Bonuses2 1 1 2 0 - -
Infinity Gloves0005000
Defensive Bonuses00050--
Rune/Blue Gloves8884880
Defensive Bonuses88848--
Dragon/Red Gloves9995990
Defensive Bonuses99959--
Barrows/Dark Gloves121212612120
Defensive Bonuses121212612--

Notes: Chaos Gauntlets are listed because you should be using them whenever you're using bolt spells. Skeletal Gloves are not listed because they give no mage attack or defense whatsoever. Also all of the Recipe for Disaster gloves give some sort of mage bonus but the only ones worth using are the Rune/Dragon/Barrows, hence the others have been excluded.

Note that no Mage Boots in the game give any sort of boost to either Strength or prayer, so they will not be listed.


Splitbark Graves0002-1
Defensive Bonuses32420
Ghostly Boots00020
Defensive Bonuses00020
Lunar Boots 00 0 2 -1
Defensive Bonuses1 2 2 2 0
Mystic Boots00030
Defensive Bonuses00030
Wizards Boots00040
Defensive Bonuses00040
Infinity Boots00050
Defensive Bonuses00050

Notes: Again, Skeletal is a no show on any sort of mage bonus. Wizards boots have become fairly cheap since Infinity overtook them in terms of mage bonus, so you could consider them if you're on a budget. However, if you have the cash (Or the spells to earn it), infinity is the way to go.


Fire Cape1111142
Defensive Bonuses1111111111--
Ghostly Cloak0005000
Defensive Bonuses00050--
God Cape00010000
Defensive Bonuses112100--

Notes: God cape. Note that the Lunar Cape, while cool looking, gives no Mage Attack bonuses.


Book of Balance4444405
Defensive Bonuses44444--
Unholy Book8888805
Defensive Bonuses00000--
Mage Book00015000
Defensive Bonuses000150--

Notes: Mage book is very expensive, so in the end it comes down to how much free cash you have. If you don't have much, go for the unholy, if you have tonnes, go for the Mage Book.


These are not sorted by stats, instead they are sorted by Staff/Special Staff/Wand


Defensive Bonuses23140--
Magic Staff2-11010070
Defensive Bonuses231100--
Staff of Air/Water0-1710030
Defensive Bonuses231100--
Staff of Earth1-1910050
Defensive Bonuses231100--
Staff of Fire3-1910060
Defensive Bonuses231100--
Defensive Bonuses231100--
ANY Elemental Battlestaff7-128100350
Defensive Bonuses231100--
ANY Elemental Mystic Staff10-140100500
Defensive Bonuses231100--

Notes: The Elemental Battle Staves and Mystic Staves include the Mud and Lava staff, they're all identical stat-wise.

Special Staves

ANY God Staff-1-166000
Defensive Bonuses23160--
Dramen Staff-1-110100100
Defensive Bonuses231100--
Iban Staff10-140100500
Defensive Bonuses231100--
Slayer Staff7-125120350
Defensive Bonuses231100--
Lunar Staff 3 2 16 13 0 15 3
Defensive Bonuses2 3 2 13 1 - -
Ancient Staff10-14015050-1
Defensive Bonuses231150--
Ahrim Staff12*165150680
Defensive Bonuses352150--
Defensive Bonuses10155150--

Notes: The Ahrim Staff, mage stat wise, is the worst in the game. Granted with the full Ahrim set you can reduce your opponent's strength, which is helpful, but in normal mage clothes a regular run of the mill staff can achieve a bonus of +19 when paired with a Mage Book. The Ahrim staff cannot do this as it is two handed. Unfortunate, but true. Also the Toktz-Mej-Tal is the only staff that will offer you a prayer bonus, and with 15+ to mage as well, it's easily one of the best in the game. Would probably be the best overall if only it could cast ancients or even magic dart....


Beginner Wand0005000
Defensive Bonuses0005000
Apprentice Wand00010000
Defensive Bonuses00010000
Teacher Wand00015000
Defensive Bonuses00015000
Master Wand00020000
Defensive Bonuses00020000

Notes: No weapon in the game will offer you as high a magic bonus as the Master Wand. The downside is that you get no free runes. It's entirely your decision whether this is acceptable or not.

Levelling Tips

Levelling mage is a pretty easy thing to do at low levels, but then all skills are. As your level increases though, you'll find yourself spending a hell of a lot of gold to get even just one more level. Unless you use Pest Control or are determined to High-Alch, but we'll get to that...

Level 1-19
Just use the strike spells, get yourself a nice feel for the skill. 19 will come fairly quickly.

19-35 OR 39
Curse spell, doesn't really matter what you use it on, just use it like there's no tomorow. Assuming you did nothing but curse from level 35 onward, it would take only 636 casts of the spell to get yo level 35. That's practically nothing.

35-55 Route A
Fire bolt to train on strong monsters. You can actually take on Steel Dragons at this level if you have an Antifire Shield + Antifire pots, you'll be invincible to them if you stand a short distance back. However, I'd be more leaning toward lesser demons and the like at this level. Purely from 35-55 using Fire bolt will cost a MAXIMUM of 4181 casts, however that is assuming you miss every time, which is rather unlikely.

35-55 Route B
Just keep on cursing. Will take you a while to do it but it's the cheapest method that is actually vialble. Will take about 4974 casts.

Crumble Undead. Just set yourself up in Varrok Sewers and you're pretty much sorted. With this version you will use a MAXIMUM of 4156, but keep in mind that it could also be as low as 2200 if you maxed out damage every time.

High Level Alchemy is your best bet until either the 80s or 90s at which point Pest Control will actually pay you to level up magic faster than any method you can buy. If done correctly High-Level Alchemy will earn you money, but it is undeniably tedious and boring to do. However by this time you should be able to choose your own levelling methods. Go nuts :)

Suggested Equipment Setups

Now in this section I'll provide 3 different mage setup, one for low level or f2pers, one for mid-level players (Around the 60 mage mark or so) and the ultimate mage setup at the time of writing. Priority lies in the mage attack bonus, where there is a tie in this stat the one which gives the best overall bonuses is the one which is listed.

Low Level/F2p

Hats - Wizard Hat
Amulet - Amulet of Magic
Chests - Wizard Robe
Legs - Zamorak Robe Skirt
Gloves - Leather Gloves
Weapon - Elemental Staff
Boots - Any
Capes - Any
Books - None
Ring - Any
Total BonusesStabSlashCrushMagicRangeStrengthPrayer
Offensive Bonuses10828143
Defensive Bonuses342191--


Hats - Farseer Helmet
Amulet - Glory Amulet
Chests - Mystic Robe Top
Legs - Mystic Robe Skirt
Gloves - Mystic Gloves
Weapon - Slayer Staff
Boots - Wizard Boots
Capes - God Cape
Books - Unholy Book
Ring - Any
Total BonusesStabSlashCrushMagicRangeStrengthPrayer
Offensive Bonuses2012438813418
Defensive Bonuses141916713--


Hats - Ahrim Hood
Amulet - Amulet of Fury
Chests - Ahrim Robe Top
Legs - Ahrim Robe Skirt
Gloves - Barrows Gloves
Weapon - Master Wand
Boots - Infinity Boots
Capes - God Cape
Books - Mage Book
Ring - Seers Ring
Total BonusesStabSlashCrushMagicRangeStrengthPrayer
Offensive Bonuses2222221283205
Defensive Bonuses12810814413327--

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