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Runescape Firemaking Guide

What is there to say about this stat. Only time I have ever found it useful is when I needed to cook food on the spot. Most people raise this stat for skill total, which is a good idea seeing how easy it is to raise. Basicall, just have a tendor box in inventory and drop a log on the ground. Right click on the log and select light logs. You can also use the tinderbox on the logs to light the fire. Keep trying untill you ignite them. CONGRATULATIONS! You have just gained experience in a worthless stat.(note the higher level of the logs you use the longer the fire lasts)
All food items that require you to use dough CAN NOT be cooked on a fire. All fish, and meats can be though.


Here are the logs avaliable to ignite along with the Exp and required level. Remember, highlighted rows are members only.
LogLevel RequiredExperience Gained
Normal Logs140
Oak Logs1560
Willow Logs3090
Maple Logs45135
Yew Logs60202.5
Magic Logs75303.75

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