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Zacheris's Bio


Born3rd September 1989
Zodiac SignVirgo
HobbysAnything to do with computers :P
Favourite Quote"The things fighting here are pretty scary, but there are things that exist that would make even them weep with fear. And I, I am the one who brings even those monsters to their kness in terror."
Favourite Author(s)JK Rowling
Favourite Colour(s)Gold
Favourite MusicVarious theme tunes. One Winged Angel (Advent Children Remix)
Favourite Game(s)Runescape, Final Fantasy games
Favourite Genre(s) (games)RPGs in general
Favourite Gaming ConsolePlaystation 2

About himself

Not much to say, really. I role play a fair bit, but primarily I play Runescape. I can be a tad egotistical at times, but generally I try to be nice and such. Wow, I am so one-dimensional =o

FKP history

I was lured here by Alty quite some time ago, purely because we wanted to use the chat facility that used to be on the site. After that I came back from time to time, eventually becoming a regular at the Runescape board which is the only board I actually visit.

It didn't take time for me to become known, mostly because the community is very close knit. Over time I ascended through the ranks, and, to cut a long story short, eventually became the Mod of the board and highest ranked member. Good times.

Happiest Moments

Two words: Fire cape.

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