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Trekling's Bio


BornMarch 12, 1992
Zodiac SignPiecies
HobbysComputers, Basketball/Football, Graphics, Flight
Favourite Quote"Thank you, words of gratitude...I've never used them before..."
Favourite Author(s)Edgar Alan Poe, Langsten Huges
Favourite Colour(s)Red, Black, White
Favourite MusicAlternative, Rock, VGM
Favourite Game(s)Advanced Wars: DS, Ace Combat Series, Halo 2, any Evangelion Imports
Favourite Gaming ConsoleXbox+DS

About himself

I am one of the FKP's youngest members, but still (and hopefully :P) treated like everyone else in FKP's friendly yet insane ridden community. Also, I was face seen in the Advanced Wars 2 Social Board before. I'm currently taking on the graphics projects of the FKP, watch the site transform over the weeks =D

FKP history

I may be the youngest, but I am also one of the oldest users, my activity hasn't been very active over the time...but slowly , i'm returning to active status

Happiest Moments

Introduced to my first personal computer...way back in 1999 ^_^

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