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Tinto's Bio


Born20th of October 1986
Zodiac SignLibra
HobbysElectronics, Reading, Dance Dance Revolution
Favourite Quote"The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty."
Favourite Author(s)Orson Scott Card, Steven Brust
Favourite Colour(s)Blue
Favourite MusicClassic Rock
Favourite Game(s)Vandel Hearts, Grandia 2, Final Fantasy Tactics
Favourite Genre(s) (games)Strategy, RPG
Favourite Gaming ConsolePlaystation 2

About himself

A pretty normal, quiet guy that is just trying to make his way through that crazy, unpredictable thing known as life. Currently in College persuing an english major. Not a terribly sociable person in real life, he prefers to listen and offer comments when he feels it useful.

FKP history

Tinto first stumbled across the FKP years ago, back when their HQ was soley based on gamefaqs. He was lucky enough to run into a topic on the advance wars board saying that the FKP had moved to a new location. Curious, he followed them through each board that they inhabited, finally resulting in being one of the first regular members along with Lord Hothead on the FKP's independent message boards.

From there Tinto managed to brib- er impress Ak with his wisdom and posting ability, gradually rising the ranks from forum moderator, global moderator, and finally administrator.

Happiest Moments

Performing in plays and musicals back in High School and recently in College.

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