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SuperArc's Bio


Born12th of August 1990
Zodiac SignLeo
HobbysGames, Skiing, Internet, Reading, Basketball, Sleeping
Favourite Quote"You will learn to fear my Power!"
Favourite Author(s)Raymond E. Feist
Favourite Colour(s)Green and Turquoise
Favourite MusicVideo game music!
Favourite Game(s)Legend of Mana and Suikoden
Favourite Genre(s) (games)RPGs and TBS games
Favourite Gaming ConsoleSNES

About himself

SuperArc lives in a small town in Austria which is in Middle-Europe. Already as a child, he was fascinated by electronic things. His first video game ever was Swagman for the Sony Playstation. After that he started playing "Suikoden" and "Vandal Hearts" his first RPG and Strategy game ever.
His school mates call him smart, but then again they are all dumb. (Hehe) Which might be the reason he is the best in his class. He first started using the Internet in the age of 11 and the first site he regulary went to, was GameFAQs. He has much self-confidence and doesn't smoke nor drink alcohol.

FKP history

SuperArc joined the Flying Kirby Pub on July 31th 2003. That was one of his happiest moments ever. Since then he has been an active member of the FKP and even rised up to earn the rank of a "FKP moderator". He's good friends with the admins of the FKP and he plays a MMORPG called RuneScape with several other FKP members. He also stayed a loyal member after the Flying Kirby Pub had some problems concerning a hacker and two ex-FKP members.

Happiest Moments

The day he joined the Flying Kirby Pub!

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